Debug WebKit with Xcode on iOS simulator

Dec 15, 2018 • 预计阅读时间 1 分钟

Debug WebKit with Xcode on iOS simulator

Build WebKit

git clone git:// WebKit
cd WebKit
sudo Tools/Scripts/configure-xcode-for-ios-development
Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --debug --ios-simulator

It will take 1 hour.

Configure WebKit.xcworkspace

  • open WebKit.xcworkspace with Xcode
  • File - Workspace Settings
  • Advanced …
  • Custom - Relative to Workspace
  • Products: WebKitBuild
  • Intermediates: WebKitBuild
  • Done

Configure MobileMiniBrowser

  • open MobileMiniBrowser project in WebKit.xcworkspace
  • change TARGETS (both MobileMiniBrowser and MobileMiniBrowser.framework) Build Settings - Base SDK: iOS
  • change Architectures: Standard architectures
  • (optional) Edit Info.plist of MobileMiniBrowser, add NSAppTransportSecurity settings for access http site.

Configure Scheme of AllSource

  • All Source - Edit Scheme …
  • Run - Executable:

All done.


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